Admirable and Outstanding Personality Traits of Great Employees and Employers

Some people have wondered what could be the cause of their sack repeatedly without committing very big offense worthy of it. Nevertheless, have you ever wondered what causes it, how to curb it, and how to improve your relationship at workplace? If yes, below are considerable advice for you. The seemingly little things below, matters a lot to good relationship, productivity, efficiency ...

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How to Use Criticism Wisely

What do you know about criticism? How do you view it? Do you think it is right to criticize? Well, criticism has a lot to do in human development – physically, psychologically, emotionally, or otherwise. Nevertheless, you might ask; how? Some of us will say; criticism hurts so badly. Why then is it said to be a contributing factor in human development. Yes! Criticism makes us think outside the box. Let’s see how by starting with the definition. Criticism is the act of expressing disapproval of something or somebody and opinions...

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How to Design a Handbill using MS PowerPoint 2010

You might have doubted the possibility of using PowerPoint to design a professional document like handbill. Or maybe someone has suggested to you that such can be accomplished but you never believed. No more doubt. The answer is here. In this tutorial, I am going to walk you through the steps to accomplish this seemingly daunting task. Nevertheless, I implore you to follow me carefully as I show you the steps, one after the other.

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