How to Design an Alphabet V-shape Logo in MS Word 2010

How to Design an Alphabet V-shape Logo in MS Word 2010

          Amongst us, some have the thoughts that Microsoft Word is only meant for typesetting office documents and letters. But, there is more than that.

          Microsoft Word used to do many things amid typing. With Microsoft Word, basic design can be accomplished accurately. As we proceed with this tutorial, you are going to find out how to achieve basic drawings and design using MS Word.

          Let’s proceed to the main deal; practical.


  • At the end, readers should be able to do basic drawings in MS Word
  • Readers should be able to design basic logos easily and accurately
  • Participants should be able to use MS Word’s basic editing tool effectively.


  • Freeform Tool
  • Editing Tool
  • Formatting Tool (Shape Fill and Outline Tool )
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse


  • Click on START MENU
  • Click on ALL PROGRAMS
  • Locate MICROSOFT OFFICE folder, click to open
  • Click on MICROSOFT WORD to launch



  • Click on PAGE LAYOUT
  • Click on SIZE to choose paper type
  • Click on MARGIN to setup
  • Setup ORIENTATION (Portrait or Landscape)

For detailed steps, visit our previous article on how to convert word to pdf.

Now you are set to begin. Let’s move to the design phase of this tutorial.


          Yeah! Let’s go. Drawing begins. Follow the steps slowly and carefully:

  • Click on INSERT tab
  • Click on SHAPES in ILLUSTRATIONS group
  • Click on FREEFORM tool (Mouse pointer turns + sign; take the pointer to your desired position)
  • Click to make the V-SHAPE in seven (7) steps (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7). See the illustration below:

N/B: Do not drag your mouse while using the freeform tool because doing that draws an entirely different shape aside the one you desired. So, just click, click, and click according to the look of the shape you want to manifest. 

  • Next, go to INSERT tab and click on SHAPES, then click on FREEFORM tool again.
  • Go to blank area (typing area) above the half side of shape one, click, hold down SHIFT key (holding down shift key makes your line straight) and direct your pointer until your shape is achieved. Use just five steps according to the illustration below:
  • Now click on the second part of the V-SHAPE, copy (you copy by clicking the COPY [Ctrl + C] command in the clipboard group of the Home Tab and paste by click PASTE [Ctrl + V] command in the same ribbon). After that, place your mouse on the pasted shape, left click and hold, drag it to the right position as show in the illustration.
  • Click the third shape, position the tip of your pointer on the left diagonal line and right click your mouse. Select EDIT POINTS Place pointer on the top left control handle and drag slightly inside right. Do same with the bottom left to have a curved in shape as illustrated below:
  • Next, Click on INSERT > SHAPES > ROUNDED RECTANGLE. Draw it below the bottom of the V-Shape with top line touching the V.
  • Click on INSERT > WORDART (Text Group) > FILL WHITE-colored to manifest to screen and position it at the middle of the rounded rectangle and input the text VAULT into it.


Now, we have come to the final phase of this tutorial; formatting. This part adds beauty to the logo design.

  • Select the first part of the V-SHAPE. (You select objects by placing your pointer over them and click the left side of your mouse button.)

Go to FORMAT tab and click the small downward arrow beside the SHAPE FILL command to display multiple colors. Choose BLUE color.


Then, click on SHAPE OUTLINE command (small downward arrow) to display options. Choose NO OUTLINE.

  • Repeat the above steps on the second part of the V-SHAPE (color = red) and third part of the V-Shape (color = yellow).

Eureka! Now, you are done with your professional-looking logo. Use it as you desire.


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