Admirable and Outstanding Personality Traits of Great Employees and Employers

Admirable and Outstanding Personality Traits of Great Employees and Employers

Some people have wondered what could be the cause of their sack repeatedly without committing very big offense worthy of it. Nevertheless, have you ever wondered what causes it, how to curb it, and how to improve your relationship at workplace? If yes, below are considerable advice for you. The seemingly little things below, matters a lot to good relationship, productivity, efficiency and even durability at workplace. Ponder over them and see what your life can be like.


  • Ambitious

The perfect employee will always want to improve and will have big goals. An ambitious employee has a great vision of contributing to the welfare and work-ability of the company; thereby be a part of its testimony.

  • Autonomous

He must have the ability to work on task by himself with very little help.

  • Humble

It is important to stay grounded and not get too arrogant. Humility is one of the best traits that an employee should have. Humility helps employees to be submissive to instruction and directives given by manager, director or supervisors at workplace.

  • Passionate

They have an incredible amount of passion for what they are doing. Passion is the driving force behind every successful professional. With passion for what he is doing, an employee can endure whatever challenges he may encounter at workplace.

  • Confident

Confident employees will take risk because they believe in themselves to accomplish any given task no matter how daunting it may seem.

  • Honesty

Nobody likes a liar. The loyal employee will always speak the truth. Being honest at work builds trust and confidence between boss and employee and improves their relationship.

  • Creative / Positive

Look for the employee who asks unexpected questions. In addition, the ideal employee should have a positive attitude, especially when times are tough. An employee should be one who creates something out from nothing. Always ready to give his input to the betterment of others and the company at large.

  • Reliable

Someone you can always count on, no matter what. Being reliable implies be at work all times. Not leading a double life full of pretense and seeking selfish gain.

  • Eager

An ideal employee will be eager and hungry, always wanting to learn new skills. A good employee should be one that wants to learn and improve his skill from time to time in order not to run out of opportunities at workplace.

  • Nurture Company Culture

        A loyal employee will also champion company culture and help to create an environment where everyone is happy to work in.


  • Think Positive

Understand the power of positive psychology; look at every situation as a learning opportunity. As a boss, be willing to handle any problem that may arise no matter how daunting it may appear to be. By acting in such manner, you give your employees reasons to be strong also considering the fact that you are of good example in persistence and problem solving.

  • Be honest

Be honest and tell your employees the truth, even though it hurts. Sometimes, it is difficult to do this, especially when it has something to do with your privacy and dealings with your clients. More so, it is important to be truthful because it teaches your employees that “honesty is the best course to follow.”

  • Communicate

So many problems in companies and organizations appear because of lack of timely communication. Communication is very important if you really want to know the weaknesses and strengths of your employees. In addition, regular communication helps you to know the challenges of your employees, where they need assistance to grow and develop thereby enhancing the progress of the company.

  • Inspire

Inspire your employees to be passionate about the company as you are. Doing this rekindles their zeal to work more efficiently and productively.

  • Delegate

Know when to leave your employees alone, resist the temptation to micromanage. If you do almost everything yourself, instead of delegating duty to your employees; they begin to have the feeling of incompetence and being unappreciated; thus, bringing about negligence at work. 

  • Balance

People perform better at work when they are able to keep a balance between work and life.

  • Align the team

Keep the entire team focused and aligned towards one long-term goal. Set achievable target. Doing this, makes the worker very serious and committed.

  • Mentor

Act more like a mentor than a boss does. Instead of telling them what to do, show them how to do it. This is one of the best ways to lead your employees. Leading them by example, makes them build strong confidence in you and have respect for you. Being too bossy and authoritative frightens your employees and gives them the feeling that they are not loved; only there to work with no string attached.

  • Fair and Impartial

Playing favorite will only demoralize the rest of the team. Imagine a situation where you are working in a company that the boss loves one of the staff above all others including you. How will you feel? Will you not feel that you are working in vain with no appreciation and love? This can even make you feel uncomfortable and begin to lose interest in the job. Additionally, the one being singled out and love begins to nurture and exhibit arrogance and even fight against other staffs.

  • Give Credit

        Giving the credit to your employees will boost their confidence and rekindles the burning zeal to work tireless and resolutely. 

  • Encourage Growth

        Encourage your employees to growth they will become more productive. Being a boss is not all about commanding and giving instructions harshly; it involves challenging the ability of your employee. If you challenge your employee, this will make him work tirelessly in order to secure your appreciation and provoke a raise in salary.

  • Encourage great habit

        Engaging and recognizing your co-workers is easier with the right tools. It helps both managers and employees to develop good habits leading to a healthier, happier and more productive work environment.

        Reading the above advices is not enough because it is one thing to read and another to apply. The essence of this article is to ensure that you have a good work experience, good relationship with other staffs and boss in the company you are working; and more an improvement in the way you interrelate with others in your everyday life. However, you are not under compulsion to apply any of these ideas because a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still. You are the one to decide what to do with this information. If you find it helpful, then you can save it for later reference and application and share it with others who would want to be successful at work and in everyday life.

        Good luck as you experience real happiness in your improvement in human relationship and work.         
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