Insert and Delete Text in MS Word

Insert and Delete Text in MS Word

After typing text, you often need to edit it by inserting new text or deleting text you do not need. To insert text, place the insertion point where you want the new text to appear, and then start typing. You can delete text to the left or the right of the insertion point. Word also offers commonly used Auto Text entries that can be inserted in your documents for more information. Whenever you insert or delete text, word adjusts the spacing of the existing text.


1. Press [Ctrl] + [Home] to place the insertion point at the beginning of the document and type the following, notice that a navy red underline appears under the word and other proper names. This means that these words are not in Word’s Dictionary.

2. Press [Enter] again to insert a blank line and type Dear Parents and [Enter] twice.

3. If the Office Assistant appears, asking if you want to create a letter using a wizard, click [Cancel] in the Office Assistant balloon-shaped dialog box. If you create a letter using the Letter Wizard, you simply respond to a series of dialog boxes. So that you can learn, a lot more about using Word, for now type this letter without the aid of the wizard. Next, you want to change the word “THE” in the first sentence to “THIS”.

4. Place the insertion point after the word “THE” (but before the space) in the first sentence, press [Backspace], and then type, “IS”. This removes the “E” and inserts “I” and “S”. Next, you will delete an unnecessary comma.

5. Place the insertion point after the second occurrence of the word year [but before the comma] in the first sentence, and then press [Delete]. This removes the comma. Next, you add today’s date to the beginning of the letter. First, move to the beginning of the document.

6. Press [Ctrl] + [Home] to return the cursor back to the starting point of the line. With the insertion point at the beginning of the document, you can insert the date. Click Insert on the Menu Bar, and then click Date and Time to open. Word displays the date based on your computer system’s clock. Before you proceed, verify that the Update Automatically check is cleared, so that the date is not updated each time you save or print the document. For formatting dates in letters and other business correspondence, choose the third option in the list.

7. In the dialog box, click the third option in the list, and then click OK.

8. Press [Enter] twice.


If your typing overwrites existing text, check to see if the indicator “OVR” appears in black in the status bar. Press (insert) or double-click OVR in the status bar to switch back to insert mode, so that the text you type does not overwrite existing text.


The letter wizard is a fast and easy to create letter. Just click the letter wizard option in the office Assistant balloon-shaped dialog boxes according to your preferences.


Assuming you typed a letter to your loved ones and made some mistakes; how would you correct them?

Hope this article was helpful. Do well to check back always for more. Thanks for visiting.

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