Tips on how to Experience True Happiness

Tips on how to Experience True Happiness

     Is your dream to be happy? Is it to have inner contentment? It is possible. It’s in your belief system; your attitude. You can have your dreams.

          According to the Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary, “Happy is feeling or showing pleasure; satisfied that something is good or right, not anxious.” It is the feeling of contentment that things are okay and in order.

Happiness is felt from within the soul. To be happy, you have to think you are happy from inside. Happiness is a decision. You have to decide to be happy or not to be. It’s your choice to make.

Yes! Happiness is a state of mind. I mean, happiness is a mindset. “We are living simultaneously in two different worlds; the visible (outer) and the invisible (inner) world” according to John Kehoe. The outer or visible world is the world of action, where events, occasions, occupations, business, finance, medical care, transportation, sports, etc. exist.

The invisible is the world of reactions and imagination; the world of thoughts. It is the inner part of you; your mind. Things happen to us in the outer world and we react to it in the inner world. For instance, you have a dispute with someone and the person got you badly upset. Now, you are walking on the road and thinking within your mind about the misunderstanding. You are like “When I meet him, I will say; why did you do that? And he will say, because I hate you. I will say, how dare you say that. Then he will reply what will you do now? And I will slap him on the cheek and he will slap me too. Then, we’ll fight. And I will beat him thoroughly.” Like it’s gonna happen like that. It’s not gonna happen that way!

Most times, you may meet the person and can’t even say a word. However, all those happened in the inner world; your mind. Hatred exists in the inner world, in your thoughts; so thus, love and happiness. You cannot see happiness. You cannot touch it. It is abstract. I mean, when you click the link to this article, did you have happiness in your pocket? The answer is NO! Happiness does not exist in the outer world. You only feel it in your thoughts and then express it for people to know you are.

          Nevertheless, in order for you to experience happiness, you must uproot negative thoughts from your mind and replace them with positive ones. Because, when you dwell on negative thoughts, you get negative happenings, attract negative outcomes, take negative actions, have negative behavior, and exhibit negative attitude. Moreover, these rob you of happiness.

Nevertheless, when you are positive, you attract positive outcomes and that makes you happy because of the good feelings you have inside.

If you want to be truly happy, then you have to learn from the world’s happiest animal: Dog. Let me give you an instance. We had a dog. Her name was smart. Like they say: give a dog a good name; watch it live up to it. I personally gave her the name and indeed, she lived up to it. She was the nicest dog we ever had. The most part I want to share with you is that she was the happiest thing I ever saw. Whenever I’m back from work, she feels like jumping out of her skin. She wiggles her tail up, down, left and right, just to show me how happy she is to have me back. Most times, she jumps on me and hugs me very cordially.

When she died, I wept bitterly because I had become very fond of her. Yet, the memory of her never escaped my mind.

I learnt a great lesson from that dog and the lesson is that: ‘to be truly happy you have to make others happy too.’ However, you may ask how? We are going to consider a couple of steps to answer that question very clearly.




Giving generously imply giving without seeking a reward in return. Like my favorite book says: “There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.” It is true that when you give, you are happier knowing that you have relieved someone of his worries, pains, etc. It makes you feel responsible, caring and concerned about others.



Walls say: “End of road” while Bridges say: “Go ahead; cross over; reach the other side.” If you are a bridge, you’ll help others reach their destination. Be of assistance to whomever you meet. If they have problems help them solve and they will be grateful and happy. Though they are happy; you are happier in knowing that you have impacted the life of another in a positive way. You feel inner contentment and satisfaction when you help others solve their problems.



You might think that your problems are the worst and the most difficult. You may be feeling like you are the only one suffering in the universe. But let me surprise you, there are people who have tons of trouble far heavier, agonizing, frightening, distressing and suicidal than your own.

So, start now to comfort other. Give others words of consolation. Show them how much you care. Let them know that their condition is not permanent. Give them hope. Because when there is hope in the future that gives you power in the present. Be a motivation force to distract them from their current story and they will love and confide in you. Do not say my words are too scanty and insignificant. You may never know how many people your words inspire and strengthen.

As comfort others, you are invariably comforting yourself. Be happy by making others happy. You can copy this line and save it somewhere you’ll easily find: “The secret to being truly happy is making others happy.” So, if you have not been doing it, start now. Make it your goal to put smile on other people’s faces.



When last did you say thank you? The last time you got a gift, what was your response? Did you show appreciation? Or you simply walked away? You see most little things really count. Though some consider them intangible and not worth doing.

What am I saying here, appreciation puts smile on the face of both the giver and the receiver and calms the heart. You can start by commending people for the least they have done. Appreciate their effort. Say words like: “Your shoes look pretty. I like your make-up. You are beautiful. You are handsome. Had you not been around I wouldn’t have accomplished it.” You see smile on their faces when you say these words.

People want to be appreciated and loved. Thus, according to Dale Carnegie, the point is: “Be approbated in your appreciation and lavish in your praise.” Do this, and people will love you no end. Good luck as you experience real happiness.

I hope this article was helpful. Look out for our next article. Lots of love from harness dreams. Have a good time.

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